Browser Tips

    • August 27, 2017 at 3:14 PM #6100

      Do you ever want to click on a link on a webpage you are on, but you don’t want to LOSE the CURRENT page? Just hold the CTRL button on the keyboard, and ‘THEN’ click the link…it will open in a NEW tab, and you will still have the current page on a tab at the top of your window also!

      Do you need to see the whole page at once, but it’s too big, and it doesn’t all fit on the screen? CTRL + “-” (CTRL AND THE MINUS KEY) will shrink the window contents so more fits, and CTRL & “+” will make it larger.

      Want to do a great screen capture? There is a great Windows (and Mac) utility for screenshots. There is a Chrome browser version also, but if you have the Windows tool installed, it will screenshot anything, so no need for the browser tool. Get it here: you will love it!

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