If your payment was for a subscription based service, and you would like to cancel, you need to contact site administrator through one of many methods:

(1) Contact Form on CONTACT page

(2) Call or Text 1-805-253-2034

(3) send an email to

(4) Use the CHAT feature on the site

(5) Use the VOICEMAIL feature on the site.

Billing for maintenance plans are automated, so if you want to cancel, it is YOUR responsibility to get a hold of me as no refunds will be made. When you cancel, you will recieve service for the balance of time left that you already paid for.

example: if you enroll in one of the annual Maintenance plans on 1 Jan 2018, and you canceled on 2 Jan 2018, your next year’s payment will be cancelled, but you will still receive the maintenance plan services through 31 December 2018