The notice on the pages of this site are here because it is now a law in the E.U. to display Cookie information on sites that are viewable in the E.U. (European Union) and we seek to comply with all laws. All sites should now have some form of a “cookie notice” or they are not adhering to that law. The notice is only viewable the first time you visit the site, and once you agree, it doesn’t show up again, so it won’t continue to hinder your viewing quality. So sorry for the temporary inconvenience.
There is so much information on Cookies (“Web Cookies” to be exact) that we could share with you, but it would over-whelm you. Basically a cookie is a teeny-tiny file stored on your computer, when you visit websites. There are many types of cookies, which you can read about online if you want here: Wikipedia Cookies Information
The cookies that this website uses are minimal, and not designed to track you or push ads to you. The cookies that we use will #1: prove you are human, and not a bot if you enter comments, #2 compare your IP address with well-known hacker lists and bot lists to make sure you are not here to do damage to the site, and other security functions. The cookies will tell us what country you are from, and what browser you are using, so we can know if our website is serving the needs of everyone who visits appropriately. And that’s it! No tracking cookies here. We don’t care about marketing to you. We are not selling any products. If you want to be on an email list, you can sign up…otherwise, we don’t send you anything. (even if you sign up, we don’t send much at all anyway) A small amount of information is saved at Google’s servers so we can see how many people visit our site, what country they are from, and what browser and screen size they use. THERE IS NO PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION IN THIS DATA, nothing that identifies you!


Well, no one can make you accept them. And I will show you how to turn them off in your browser next, but without cookies, many things don’t work. A lot of sites have bad cookies and files, and their sites come up redlined or blacklisted on certain lists, but all our cookies are just to make things work, and there is nothing dangerous on our site.
Because they’re convenient and efficient. If a website wants to service thousands of users without cookies, it would have to store all of that interaction data in its own storage and it would have to be processed on its own. By offloading that work to the user, it becomes a faster and less strenuous procedure. What are cookies for? One reason for a cookie is INDENTIFICATION. If you log in to a website and close your browser, then open it back up, the website recognizes you because that cookie file was created when you logged in. Cookies can store various types of information, like your preferences, your browser type, your location, etc., if if you allow cookies! This information can then be used to make things work better for you.
If you want to know how to clear cookies from your computer, either after every browsing session, or as a one-time task, see this page: How to Clear Cookies . If you want to not accept cookies at all, there is a security setting on your computer. You can Google “how to reject cookies” …but you won’t do much on the web without them.