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      This is the help forum. Right now it's the "only" forum. If it ever gets too full or busy, we'll break out smaller topics, but right now it's not necessary. So here you can ask questions about documents, storage media, computer hardware, software issues, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Web Development, website technology, or basically anything you need help with.   I haven't even made any rules yet. Basically, no spam posting. (which is posting for the sole purpose of creating a link to your own site or advertising your site or business) Spam posts will be deleted and repeated offenders will be banned. And no obscene language. or "adult" content, please. This site has a rating that includes minors, so post accordingly please. (sites that post adult content must have appropriate warnings, naturally, and this is not that type of site, sorry.) Other than that, that's really the only rules. Everything I.T. will attempt to answer as many posts as we can. Please be patient as we finish setting up and customizing the forum. It's brand new, and it will look better over time. If you have any issues about the site or even the forum itself, you can post that as well, or just write me.
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    • 4 months, 1 week ago