WordPress Update

WordPress 4.8.2 is released. Time to update core files again. Keep them current, and stay secure out there! If you would like to know what the changes are (and they are always good…WordPress is one program that doesn’t send out updates unless they actually accomplish something, and it’s typically quite a bit!) …you can read about them here:  Just for a highlight, I will say that on the SECURITY side, there are 5, (not 1, but FIVE) cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities plugged in this update. So for security reasons alone, you should update. Not to mention that there are typically great functionality upgrades as well. Don’t forget to backup first, before doing any CORE updates (and themes also usually) …the FILES AND THE DATABASE! …just in case something doesn’t work right with your server. The one time you don’t do a backup, you will probably  need it, because that’s just how …

October Deadline: Non-SSL sites will be flagged INSECURE

You probably heard about this, but probably thought what happened was already done and over with. It’s not. There is an October deadline when all Google (I.E. CHROME) browsers will flag all non-SSL sites as insecure. In order to not be flagged you will need to have a certificate installed, activated, and configured so your site redirects to a HTTPS:// URL prefix instead of HTTP. If you want to read an article about it, here’s one (you can Google it and find more I’m sure) google-reminds-website-owners-to-move-to-https-before-october . It is supposed to only flag websites that have password or credit card form fields on the site. But, it is also important to recognize that even if you don’t have password or credit card form data fields on your website, it is still beneficial to install SSL on your site for the SEO benefit alone. If Google is penalizing the page rank for non-encrypted …

WordPress 4.7.5 Security Release is OUT!

This is just a courtesy post. WordPress 4.7.5 which is a security release, is out today. And with all the new crazy malware and ransomware out on the internet spreading like crazy right now, you need all the security you can get, so go update right away, and stay safe! https://wordpress.org/news/2017/05/wordpress-4-7-5/

helping hands

Everything I.T. Now Has A HELP Forum!

I get calls all the time from people who have simple questions…How do I do something on Facebook? How do I do something online? What would be the best or cheapest solution to my problem? Etc, etc. Everything I.T. is a business that cares about people. We are a business, yes, but there are many things you just shouldn’t have to pay for, …and general assistance is one of them. We aren’t going to take your money if we can help you save it. There are too many people trying to take every darn penny you earn for stuff that we, as human beings, should do for each other. I see so many places “charging” to support their own customers…people who have already purchased their products, and I for one, find it distasteful and appalling! So Everything I.T. now has a help forum. If you want to ask a question, …


Best Spam plugin for WordPress

I’ve been using this plugin for a few years now, and I must say, it’s the very best anti-spam plugin on the market. It’s not free, but it’s not expensive either. The plugin is called Cleantalk. You are going to want to go HERE to get Cleantalk, or check it out. The spam blocker works on all sign-in pages, forms, and everything that takes input…and it’s got a firewall, so it blocks both IP addresses and email addresses…it’s very effective. I have never liked Akismet, and those captcha things are a pain in the butt in my opinion, so I don’t trouble my viewers with captchas when they register. I don’t need to. Check it out!

Are your website(s) rated as SECURE??

If you have a website, you may have not even considered getting it rated as secure by the many website security rating systems that are out there, that display a security symbol next to your search results in Google & Bing.  It looks something like this (this is Norton’s)     There are many of them, but the most popular ones are Norton’s Safe Web, WOT (web of trust), McAfee’s Site Advisor, Trend Micro’s “Trend Secure” …and so many others. To get this, you would need to submit your site (and only the owner can do it)to Norton (or whichever rating service) for review, and then they give it that little green box stamp of approval next to the URL in the search results. For Norton’s Safeweb, You can submit it here: https://safeweb.norton.com/help/site_owners There are others also, if you want to deal with all of them, I don’t know, (I recommend doing …

3 Days of Deals at GoDaddy

Do I know what they are? No, I don’t. I only that today is day 1, and today’s special is 50% off on all their hosting plans. So for a small site on their starter hosting plan, you can get it for $4 month, which works out to $48 for the first year, which is a very good price for hosting. I’ve been with them almost 10 years now…and I haven’t found a reason to leave. They have 24/7 support as well. Check it out here: GODADDY HOSTING PLANS ON SALE!