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Merry Christmas

Holiday Days and Hours Update

The office will be closed from December 22nd until Jan 2nd, although I could be available as early as December 30th. Leaving town for Christmas. Although ALL remote services will still be available. I’m just not taking any jobs that require me “physically” being there, or any equipment/laptop drop-offs. I will however have a computer with me, and will answer all emails and texts, and will be able to perform any remote services, like Windows issues, Website issues, etc. …any of the things I would normally do remotely. So please don’t hesitate to call just because the hours say closed, there was no field to add an explanation on Yelp or Facebook.  FROM EVERYTHING I.T.!

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Everything I.T. Now Has A HELP Forum!

I get calls all the time from people who have simple questions…How do I do something on Facebook? How do I do something online? What would be the best or cheapest solution to my problem? Etc, etc. Everything I.T. is a business that cares about people. We are a business, yes, but there are many things you just shouldn’t have to pay for, …and general assistance is one of them. We aren’t going to take your money if we can help you save it. There are too many people trying to take every darn penny you earn for stuff that we, as human beings, should do for each other. I see so many places “charging” to support their own customers…people who have already purchased their products, and I for one, find it distasteful and appalling! So Everything I.T. now has a help forum. If you want to ask a question, …

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Sharing email, how to set it up…

I am FOREVER answering questions about email. And email explanations are usually lengthy. I get questions like “how to share an email address with my spouse” and set it up right…or, “How to set my email address up on my phone, tablet, AND computer so that it ‘does such and such’ or ‘doesn’t do such and such’ ” and how to set it up so that no emails are lost, folders are sync’ed, calendars are sync’ed, etc, etc. Well, I found this excellent blog post that someone has already written for me. And since I can’t steal it (because that would not be ethical) and repost it here, and since it has really nice pictures to explain everything since so many people don’t want to take the time to read, cause that takes forever, I thought I would just send you there. Hope you don’t mind going to another site …