Windows 10 update note


The “important” update today is another Windows 10 notice that came out…It’s apparently the last big push to get you to update to Windows 10 if you have not. It puts a HUGE blue notification screen on your desktop just to let you know that July 29th is the last day. The update number is kb3173040, and for some reason, they classified it as important (which forces it on to machines that have “important” updates installed automatically…not because it’s actually important.

The fact that Microsoft mis-uses their own tool to push stuff on you that is “NOT” important, should tell you to stay away from this update…but to each his own. I haven’t installed it, and I’m not missing it. I’ve worked on client’s machines that have it…and frankly, it has nothing that Windows 8.1 doesn’t have, except the ability to take control of my machine away from me. So no thanks, I’ll live without it. But you go ahead and do what you want…

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