Update on Quality Laptop Repair

I previously posted this post: What Is Quality Laptop Repair? Where I showed you one of the many laptops that come in thrashed from people not knowing how to open them up correctly. It was so destroyed in fact, that the top could longer be attached correctly, and not even a good epoxy job could fix it. It was so bad that not only were the plastic moldings holding the threaded inserts destroyed, but someone had “super-glued” the wrong size threaded inserts into the bottom 1/2 of the laptop, in a place where there shouldn’t even be one. So we fixed it right for her. We searched and searched, and found a very nice replacement very cheap for the client, and fixed the laptop correctly (In addition to reinstalling windows and restoring her data, the physical appearance was dramatically improved as well, and since we had some RAM laying around, we stuck that in also. When all was done, this is the laptop the client got back:

The old cracked and broken faceplate to the right of it…

And one last pic of the practically new looking laptop, because we only know how to do things ONE WAY, and that is the “right” way. So please don’t take your laptop to some hack, just because they are cheap…because you don’t know what will happen to your stuff if you do. Bring it to someone with a proven track record of doing things right. Before I got into computers full-time, I was a quality inspector, and I only know one way to do things…correctly.

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