CCleaner Backdoor

BACKDOOR found in CCleaner!

Update, or better yet, uninstall CCLeaner now. In August, there was a backdoor discovered in the free registry cleaner. To read the full article, visit Acronis here: CCleanerBackDoorFound

YouTube Shortcuts! (Windows)

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts - Windows  A valuable table of video shortcut keys. Ever want to pause that video at a certain spot, and can't get the mouse fast enough? This is better! ACTION SHORTCUT play/pause spacebar, or "k"/td> rewind 5 seconds left arrow rewind 10 seconds "j" advance 5 seconds right arrow advance 10 seconds "l" (little 'L' ) skip to a division of video (middle, 1/4, etc) numbers 1-9; 5=.5=50% or half-way (top, not 10-key pad) restart zero (top, not 10-key pad) fullscreen f / Esc go to beginning/end HOME / END volume up/down arrow increase speed Shift+> or Shift+. decrease speed Shift+< or Shift+, adv. 1 frame (when paused) period back 1 frame comma mute m captions c captions background b prev vid in playlist shift + p next video shift + n

WordPress Update

WordPress 4.8.2 is released. Time to update core files again. Keep them current, and stay secure out there! If you would like to know what the changes are (and they are always good…WordPress is one program that doesn’t send out updates unless they actually accomplish something, and it’s typically quite a bit!) …you can read about them here:  Just for a highlight, I will say that on the SECURITY side, there are 5, (not 1, but FIVE) cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities plugged in this update. So for security reasons alone, you should update. Not to mention that there are typically great functionality upgrades as well. Don’t forget to backup first, before doing any CORE updates (and themes also usually) …the FILES AND THE DATABASE! …just in case something doesn’t work right with your server. The one time you don’t do a backup, you will probably  need it, because that’s just how …

October Deadline: Non-SSL sites will be flagged INSECURE

You probably heard about this, but probably thought what happened was already done and over with. It’s not. There is an October deadline when all Google (I.E. CHROME) browsers will flag all non-SSL sites as insecure. In order to not be flagged you will need to have a certificate installed, activated, and configured so your site redirects to a HTTPS:// URL prefix instead of HTTP. If you want to read an article about it, here’s one (you can Google it and find more I’m sure) google-reminds-website-owners-to-move-to-https-before-october . It is supposed to only flag websites that have password or credit card form fields on the site. But, it is also important to recognize that even if you don’t have password or credit card form data fields on your website, it is still beneficial to install SSL on your site for the SEO benefit alone. If Google is penalizing the page rank for non-encrypted …

It’s Finally Here! iOS Sceensharing!

It has been a long time gripe that Tech Support has been able to jump on and help anyone, anywhere, …-as long as they were not on an iPhone or iPad. It was a limitation of Apple, not the apps or programs that provide screen-sharing abilities. Apple wasn’t willing to break that security, no matter how secure the app. But I guess Teamviewer, which is fully encrypted, and the only HIPAA compliant app/program, somehow got through to them finally. And Teamviewer notified us that has changed today. Supposedly Teamviewer now fully supports iOS devices. I’m dying to test it out and see if it’s fully functional. So if you have an iOS device and want to do a quick test with me, LET’S DO IT. Give me a call, or just let me know in a post, comment, or whatever floats your boat. 🙂 Here is the link to the …

XSS (cross-site scripting) Vulnerability in Woocommerce plugin!

As always, Everything I.T. is doing our best to keep you informed and secure so you can protect your websites from vulnerabilities on the web. The NEWEST ONE: There has been a new woocommerce vulnerability found in a WooCommerce plugin called Product Venders     If you want to read the whole article, where the vulnerability occurs, the workaround, etc, then you can read it on WordFence here: XSS VULNERABILITY FOUND ON WOOCOMMERCE    

Forum working again.

The Everything I.T. help forum that was recently created, went down shortly after being created because the software wasn’t compatible with the latest version of PHP…but it’s back up and running again. So if you have any questions you need help with, you can post there and get help for free.

How Long Have I?

Today I was cleaning out some stuff, and I found an old camera SD card with a bunch of old photos on it. This is just one image that shows how long I’ve been repairing computers and other electronics…and how much LESS junk I accumulate now that things are shrinking in size, and BOY am I GRATEFUL! And notice all the USPS boxes I used to have to hang on to to ship leftovers I sold on eBay. I stopped that a long time ago also.

New Vulnerabilities, Chrome extensions, and CLOUDFLARE CDN…AGAIN!!!

I try to stay up on what some of the most drastic compromises are, and today, WordFence put out another notice, this time about 8 compromised GOOGLE CHROME EXTENSIONS, and how those hacks where used to compromise websites via CLOUDFLARE again. This is the 2nd time Cloudflare has come up in a new discoveries list of compromises. (see my other post) I’m sure glad I never used it. I even thought about it after the last one, because I thought “well, they’ve plugged the holes, maybe it’s good now” …but luckily, I didn’t pursue that. This Cloudflare compromise is big, and affects 4.8 million users. And even though I do use “1” of them, probably the most common one, Web Developer extension, I think I’m ok, because it’s .4.8 that is affected, and I’m on version .5. So keeping things updated, obviously pays off. If you want to read the …

Time to Update WordPress Again!

Yep. That’s right. Version 4.8.1 is out…so keep your site secure, and go update it! Just my courtesy notification for you…  I just tested it, updated the first 5 sites, and no glitches, not even one! 🙂