New, Trial version of website

The website currently has the “RC” version of the software installed…it’s the version after the Beta, but before the standard “tested” release. I do it for the developers, as they need people to test it before they can release it, so I test it. So if  you experience any issues with the site, please let me know. I believe the contact forms are working OK…but there is always chat if not. OK? Thanks for participating with me. I appreciate your patience and input if you have any…

Get Ready

WordPress 4.6 Beta Release went out just now…which means the public release will be right behind it soon…so get your backups done, databases, themes, etc…and get ready for the update to come out so you will be ready when it gets here. They sure move fast, don’t they? 🙂

Microsoft didn’t even wait for July 29th to charge…

This article indicates that MS won’t supposedly try to charge regular users for Windows 10 SAS, only business enterprise, but I’m skeptical. They didn’t go to all that effort to FORCE installations of the supposedly “free” operating system, without a reason. But that’s the news that was released at a MS conference earlier this month. I find the article distasteful, but you can read it and form your own opinion.

Dell’s Security Software has Major Security Flaws

Apparently Dell security management software admins are being advised currenty to patch their systems after finding SIX (6) high-risk vulnerabilities, including hidden user accounts and backdoors! That’s right, one of the highest-rated “critical” flaws involves a hidden default account with an easily-guessable password in Dell’s “SONICWALL” Global Management System (GMS) …along with others. If you are using this software you will definitely want to read this article, and also watch for patches (or my recommendation, get something else to proctect your system and uninstall this crap, because backdoors don’t just “happen” on accident, they are deliberately written!)

Microsoft is STILL trying!

ONE Microsoft update today… One “IMPORTANT” update. Which one? Guess! KB3035583 . I have it memorized by now…I keep HIDING IT, and Microsoft UNHIDES it, and is still trying to force me to upgrade from Windows 7 so they can FORCE me to purchase all their junk I now get for free. Wow…they just don’t give up. How can I ever TRUST Microsoft again? I will never be able to trust them after what they’ve done this last year to try to gain digital control…it’s simply disgusting. I went ahead and purchased an Office 365 subscription even though I said I would never use the SAS. But they had the “free” 1Tb of cloud storage with it (OneDrive) …so I’m wondering if next year, after I fill up the drive, if they will try to charge me for that also, separately. Google’s version was $9.99 and MS’s was $6-something…with Office, …

“Automated Car” does NOT prevent collision, KILLS driver!

That’s right…they obviously did not do enough testing before allowing automated vehicles to travel with actual passengers in auto mode, on actual highways…because this owner driving a Tessla in “Auto” mode…crashed in to a truck, and the driver was killed. Without hijacking their story, and their images, you can read about the rest of the story here: …but I have always wondered if this technology just seemed to coming out a little too fast for my comfort. I find it hard to believe that people have put their lives in the hands of this brand new technology. Too soon for comfort for this technician.

Never too small of a job…

So a local group was having a high school reunion, and they needed just a registration form and a method to pay on the web. They were already registered at a free web site, but it was just a little too complicated, so they called Everything I.T. and we helped them get it and going. It took less than a day. No job is too big, or too small. So if you need to get something up on the internet, just give us a call. We can definitely help you out, no matter what you need.

Windows 10 update note

The “important” update today is another Windows 10 notice that came out…It’s apparently the last big push to get you to update to Windows 10 if you have not. It puts a HUGE blue notification screen on your desktop just to let you know that July 29th is the last day. The update number is kb3173040, and for some reason, they classified it as important (which forces it on to machines that have “important” updates installed automatically…not because it’s actually important. The fact that Microsoft mis-uses their own tool to push stuff on you that is “NOT” important, should tell you to stay away from this update…but to each his own. I haven’t installed it, and I’m not missing it. I’ve worked on client’s machines that have it…and frankly, it has nothing that Windows 8.1 doesn’t have, except the ability to take control of my machine away from me. So …

links inop

For some reason the links embedded in blog posts stopped working with recent WP core update…it will be fixed soon, please bear with me.

Windows 10 Free Update Period Ending!

Finally (for those who DON’T want it) the period to obtain Windows 10 for free is ending. If you don’t get it by July 29th, 2016…you will have to pay for it. After July 29th, the “Home” version will cost $119 and the “Pro” version of Windows 10 will cost $199. So if you want it, get it now. If you are afraid of stuff not working, just call Everything I.T. to do the upgrade for you. More information about the end of the giveaway is in this article: Windows 10 Giveaway Ends