Free Programming Tutorials!!

Codeschool is giving away their whole library of programming tutorials, as many as you can do in a weekend, for FREE! So come to programming school this weekend and learn something that will help you along

There are so many things you can learn. If you are interested in websites, you can learn html (very simple, a waste not to learn!) CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and if you want to learn other languages for work maybe, you can learn C, C++, Perl, Python, Java (NOT the same thing as javascript, by the way) ...and so much more. And these tutorials are usually quite expensive, so for them to give them away free for a whole weekend, is worth setting some time aside for. Especially if you OWN a website, and you are paying others to do the work because you don't understand things. Get the have to go after it, you won't get it by osmosis. 🙂
Free Code Weekend at Codeschool!

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