Did Our Own Government Blow Up The WTC on 9/11?

Nothing to do with I.T. at all really…but sometimes a good conspiracy theory is just too good of a post to pass by. This theory was actually presented to me by a new client I acquired last week…and I blew it off. Of course. It was too ridiculous to consider; that our own government would murder 3000 of it’s own citizens. But I’m not a spring chicken, and I do know a thing or two…and the more I thought about how those towers fell, (because I watched them) …It began to mess with my head. So I started looking around the web. It actually makes more sense than the story that a handful of terrorist airplanes wreaked havoc, and no Air Force jets did anything, no anti-missile technology protected the Pentagon, why the towers fell “straight down” and didn’t topple, or seem to affect anything around them, how the entirety of both buildings were destroyed and no sections at all were left standing (I’ve been in aerospace all my life…jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough or long enough, and there would have been NEARLY enough of it in an airplane to “melt” that entire building. ) Here are some more facts to consider, and there are many more articles if you are interested, just Google. Liberty For Life

And there are other  articles, …like “Who Really Blew Up The World Trade Center” ; And some videos if you want to watch them:




So? What thinkest thou? Do you believe the terrorist story, or the conspiracy story? Why? Add comments…