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WordPress 5.1 Released Today

The latest version of WordPress, 5.1, has some great improvements. You will want to read about them:  (REF: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2019/02/08/wordpress-5-1-field-guide/ )  CHECK IT OUT! Cron Improvements with PHP-FPM in WordPress 5.1 Cron API changes in WordPress 5.1 Preparing WordPress for a JavaScript Future Part #1: Build Step and Folder Reorganization Build tools: We’ve enabled running WordPress from /src again New Styling for Admin Table Pagination Links in WordPress 5.1 WordPress 5.1 String Changes in HTML/PHP Files There are even more goodies in 5.1 like updates to values allowed for the WP_DEBUG_LOG constant, new test config file constant in the test suite, new plugin action hooks, short circuit filters for wp_unique_post_slug() and WP_User_Query and count_users(), a new human_readable_duration function, improved taxonomy metabox sanitization, limited LIKE support for meta keys when using WP_Meta_Query, a new “doing it wrong” notice when registering REST API endpoints, and more! Miscellaneous Developer Focused Changes in 5.1 New function: human_readable_duration Improved taxonomy metabox sanitization in 5.1 LIKE support for meta keys …

We Can Help

A humorous amplified look at some typical office problems Everything I.T. can help with. Even if you don’t need help right now, take a break and have a laugh with your morning coffee (or dinner, depending)

Everything I.T. gift certificate

Give the Gift of I.T.

The perfect gift for the one who has everything: GIVE THE GIFT OF I.T.! Everything I.T.'s gift certificates make the perfect Christmas (or other occassion) gift for the person that is difficult to buy for, because they can be used for so many different things. If the recipient is non-technical, they can be used to set up email, for computer tutoring or training, or for remote technical assistance if they get in a jam they just can't resolve on their own. It can be used for a computer repair, for home or business. For the more technical person, it can be used for computer hardware upgrades (for your favorite gamer) like graphic cards, hard drives, extra memory, or whatever. It can use used to help them get that website going that they know they need but haven't been able to afford, or if they already have one, they can get ...
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What’s Next at Microsoft? What is Going Away Next? (Must Read)

So what’s up with Microsoft? Major changes, that’s what. I just read today that Microsoft is changing pace and direction yet again (good new if you are a stockholder, bad news if you are just trying to hang on with old technology) Starting this month, it’s closing doors to almost all of it’s Windows. Support for them anyway…they are stopping for support for a whole list of stuff. You may want to take a look: The support for the below products will be discontinued across different forums in the Community. Windows 7, 8.1, 8.1 RT Microsoft Security Essentials Internet Explorer 10 Office 2010, 2013 Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, Surface RT, Surface 2 Microsoft Band – this topic will be locked. Users are invited to participate in Microsoft Band 2 topic. Mobile devices forum – Microsoft support will continue in “Other Windows mobile devices” topic Zune – this topic will …

Have You Been Hacked? What Can You Do?

A video, 12 signs your computer has been hacked. It’s not the full list, but it’s the main list. If you “do” think that maybe your computer has been hacked, watch the video. It may be that something else is going on. But, if you watch the video, and after, you really are more convinced than ever you have been hacked, or some account has been hacked, and you don’t know what you should do next, you can call a professional. We deal with it all the time. It can be a scary situation, and even though you know you shouldn’t panic, it’s kind of hard not to. (especially if there is money involved) But fear not, help is out there. You can get in touch with Everything I.T. for one thing. (Or someone else, it doesn’t matter really, just call someone who can help you)  If you thing …

Cooling of Summit Supercomputer

Cooling the World’s Fastest Supercomputer

So. How exactly DO you cool the world’s fastest supercomputer? With about 4,000 gallons of water a minute to cool 37,000 processors, that’s how. Summit, built by IBM, occupies floor space equivalent to two tennis courts, and was built for (owned by) Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee. That’s right, the US now holds that record again, after the Chinese grabbed it in June of 2013. When you build a computer like that, it kind of pays for itself I would think, as the world starts sending you all the problems smaller computers can’t solve fast enough. Summit has more than 1,000 petaflops of computing power, with a peak performance of 200 quadrillion calculations per second. If you want to read about some of the planned uses for Summit, READ HERE (link will take you off the site) Everything I.T. builds computers also, just not quite that large. 🙂

Don’t Update Windows 10 Right Now

WARNING! HOLD OFF ON UPDATING WINDOWS 10 RIGHT NOW (APR/MAY 2018) !! I’m advising people to postpone updating Windows 10 to the April 1803 update. It is crashing a LOT of machines …and doing it in such a way that they are not recoverable apart from reinstalling Windows. Make sure all your documents are backed up, and if you have backup software make sure you have an image of your hard drive. If you want to know what build you have click on Settings gear icon by the bottom of the start menu, and type UPDATE in the search box at the top, and pull up the Windows Update settings page. Then look for the link that says “build info” , …should look like this: After that, you should have this page: If it still says 1709 you are good. If it says 1803 and your machine didn’t crash, EVEN …

Whole NEW Version: WordPress 5.0 FINALLY Here!

EDIT: I just REALIZED that it didn’t update to 5.0. It WAS supposed to be a 5.0 update today. Maybe they had a bug with it and downgraded…it’s actually version 4.9.6 that got released, and I didn’t find out until I just noticed as I was doing my sites, that it was a different version than was supposed to be released today. So, I’m sorry for that, I guess they are still working it. Uggh, so sorry folks. So when they do finally release 5.0, you will really want to get it. WordPress 5.0 is FINALLY here! Think about it…only up to the core version 5…this is a MAJOR update! If you didn’t upgrade earlier updates, you need to at least get this one, and get to the next whole version. Incorporates a whole new editor, and top, new, security features! If you didn’t know, Gutenberg “used” to be just …

Special on SSL Certificate Installations!

If you don’t have an SSL certificate on your website, your site likely looks like this first image (on a Mac):  The next 5 are examples of other various displays of sites without SSL, on various browsers        The main point is this, without an SSL certificate, you won’t have the GREEN PADLOCK next to your sites URL (web address) and you are losing traffic, and BUSINESS. Not to mention that Google now “bottom ranks” insecure (non-ssl) websites. That’s right, you go to the VERY BOTTOM of the page ranking results, displaying probably, somewhere around page 10 in the search results if someone searches for your business with Google. Sometimes even warnings are displayed recommending people NOT navigate to your website. Those can look something like this: Or, maybe you find yourself in this situation: You may actually HAVE an SSL certificate on your website, but still don’t have the GREEN …

Nextdoor Home Page

City of Oxnard Returns Money to Homeowners / Ciudad de Oxnard reembolsando dinero a propietarios de viviendas

No, it’s not I.T. related. But I do post local news when I think it’s really something you should know. And a government agency RETURNING money? Now THAT is RARE! But it’s true. Have you ever heard of the social network site called “NextDoor” …Next Door? Anyone can join, but you only interact with people in your own PHYSICAL neighborhoods/areas. It’s pretty cool really. I didn’t think I would find a use for it, but it does come in handy. And many local agencies also post information there now. Much like this post that showed up today: (if you want to go to the actual post, it’s here https://nextdoor.com/news_feed/?post=79838620  )