About Everything I.T.


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Our focus is the personal touch. Our work and ethics are uncompromising, and our quality is unsurpassed. Because we believe every product is a representation of who we are, and every client joins our family.


Be The Best at Everything We Do

Coming from a background of 25 years in military aviation,  manufacturing and quality assurance, Quality is always our primary focus. You just can’t change who you are.

Patience is a Virtue

…and sometimes things take time. We will never rush you, and will take whatever time is necessary to help you, even if you don’t understand.

Work Honestly, Ethically, and be Nice

Our focus is to do whatever we do with the highest quality possible. We have found putting people first leads to the best end product, whatever that may be. And, frankly, it’s just more fun this way!

We have been doing computer work & repair since DOS days (the 80’s for you younger folk) …but we keep current, don’t worry. And web design, we have been in that about 10 years now. And we are constantly learning the newer technologies to stay current. You will find us extremely knowledgeable.

1 Client. …You.
Our goal is make you feel like you are the only client, and to treat you honestly and with respect. We will listen, and be very patient. Whatever it is you need, we are here for you.

Great work with a smile

I needed some graphic work done and they not only helped me but exceeded my expectations. The price was right and I fully recommend them for all kinds of projects.

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Our work ethic is one of the utmost honesty and integrity.



We have a couple of portfolio galleries and we are still adding images to them for you to look at.


Whatever we create will be a unique creation designed just for you. No generic templates for websites, or anything else


The beauty and power of magazine layouts are in your hands.


Websites we do are completely responsive and work on any mobile device.