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Website Portfolio

These are only some of the sites that we have done. Some are newer, and some are a bit old. One note on the images; They show lines where the background is “tiled” on the image, which is only to capture the whole page in a single image for your viewing here. On the real site, the page scrolls and the background does not, so that tiling of the background doesn’t happen. …so you have to try to picture them without that. (or click the link and view the real site )

As for many missing links: Many people will start a business, with a website, and then for various reasons don’t stay in business and the site doesn’t get maintained, or the site gets changed by another developer, or the client loses the domain by not re-registering it, and the site simply doesn’t exist any more. The sites that we originally scanned an image of, we include them here. If the site still exists and hasn’t been changed by another developer, there is a link to the actual site. If there is no link, it’s because there is no longer anywhere to link to. Please give us a call and ask any questions you like.
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