5 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Get A Virus

An article by Norton…pretty interesting. Don’t fall for it, be privy to what is “click-bait”. Videos and articles that are passed on Social Media with a “survey” you need to take before you view the highly desired content (which usually doesn’t even exist!) Read the article, and be smart! https://us.norton.com/internetsecurity-malware-5-ways-you-didnt-know-you-could-get-a-virus-malware-or-your-social-account-hacked.html

3 Important Steps to keep Ransomware OFF Your Android!

Ransomeware is everywhere now. If you don’t want your phone encrypted and locked up waiting for your payment, watch this, and then… DO IT! 🙂 (because I love you all…) http://www.techrepublic.com/article/simple-steps-that-help-you-avoid-ransomware-on-android/

So, Exactly HOW much power DOES my ISP have?

The discouraging answer is: They have FULL power, to do anything they want, and you can’t stop them, turn them off, or block them from your house. Through your router, they have access to everything that is connected to it. (If you are like me, that is everything in  your house) You are definitely going to want to watch this video. It is VERY enlightening. (and kind of scary really) If you heard about the router botnets that were recently shut down, well they started back up again. (The info on the router botnets are here: ROUTER BOTNET ATTACKS )  But here is the video you will really want to watch if you want to be security aware:

OMG, Windows XP Patch!!! Important if you are XP user still!

Yes, it’s true. Even though support ended long ago for the longest Windows operating system in history so far, Windows XP, Microsoft determined it was in their better judgment to put out a patch that protects against the “WannaCry” self-replicating malware. They deserve to be applauded for recognizing there are still many businesses using Windows XP (against all recommendations) If you want to READ MORE: …

WordPress 4.8 Released Today!

Today, a major WordPress revision was released, along with many of the top plugins, and almost all the built-in themes, and probably some of the other ones. I know I was busy doing updates and backups all day long today, making sure all my client’s sites are current and secure, and also that the updates didn’t break them, so yes, testing also. But I always look forward to any new features that may come with the new releases. This update came with some great new widget updates, the text widget is especially nice, with a lot of the formatting no longer requiring HTML tags…you can even click to add hyperlinks now. It’s pretty nice. The major updates usually are. But for security reasons  you should always do them anyway. If you want to read up on all of it, you can read HERE  But I recommend just getting it.

Drone Hobbyist Gets Threatened by FAA for Selling Pictures!!

OMG…I got so angry when I read this story about how Steve Girard of Gorham got threatened by the FAA. Steve has a full time job, but when he started playing with his new 3 lb. drone, and got pretty good at taking some pictures with it, and decided to sell them for a few dollars on his website, big brother, the FAA came in bullying him and threatened him with pulling down his site. You just HAVE to not only read this story, but also listen to audio recording they left on his voicemail. This shit just totally pisses me off!! Please share this story everywhere you can, and let the government know that it’s not nice to mess with the “little guy” …just because you can. It’s just not right. If you want to go straight to the audio, that link is HERE, (but it’s also in the story …