Intel Reveals NEW, BEAST of 18 Core Processor Chip!

According to TechRepublic, Intel is releasing a new beast of a processor chip. It’s an 18 core, 36 thread processor, and that’s all the specs they have on it currently. Amazingly, even though they don’t even know the clock speed yet, they do seem to have set the price, which is roughly 2 grand; Yes, a $2,000 processor. They are calling it the first “teraflop speed” chip. …Well, I had to go look up that word, because I wasn’t familiar with it. So apparently, “teraflop” is equal to “a unit of computing speed equal to one million million (1012) floating-point operations per second.” (Google) They do have some specs on some of the other lower “relatives” of the same i9-????XE (which stands for “Extreme Edition”) processors, (which aren’t “XE” but rather “X” processors) for example, the i9-7900X (not XE) runs at clock speed 3.3ghz, has 10 cores and 20 threads, …

Artificial Intelligence is getting scary smart!

Artificial Intelligence is getting scary smart, and Google is the running. (of course) Their AI platform is integrated into playing the Game of “GO” which is the oriental version of chess really…and highly regarded strategic game in many circles. Google’s computerized version of the game, named AlphaGO, took on 5 top players AT ONCE and came out victorious. Even the best chess games, up to now, have been beatable by the champs…but soon, the computers will always win. (which takes the fun out of playing really) …but it does say something for AI. Anyway, you can read the article about the match-up here: Artificial Intelligence is getting scary smart!

WordPress 4.7.5 Security Release is OUT!

This is just a courtesy post. WordPress 4.7.5 which is a security release, is out today. And with all the new crazy malware and ransomware out on the internet spreading like crazy right now, you need all the security you can get, so go update right away, and stay safe!

Phone scammers spoofing Cal Edison Caller IDs

I received an email today, reporting that many cases of scammers spoofing caller ID’s for SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA EDISON have been reported. Edison would like people to be aware of this information: *********************************************************************************************** We have recently experienced an increase in reports of caller ID spoofing, a practice in which special phone equipment falsifies information on your caller ID display. Calls may appear to be from SCE, when in reality the caller has no association with SCE and may try to sell you products, collect personal information or say your electric bill is past due when it’s not. Common red flag warnings related to spoofed phone calls: Calls were made multiple times per day Callers asked about customer’s usage, meter or other personal information Customers were provided recommendations for purchasing alternative energy products Tips to help protect yourself from caller ID spoofing scammers: SCE will not send solar representatives to your home, …

Why not give someone the gift of I.T. Service?

Being Mother’s Day, the thought has crossed my mind. But I haven’t put a purchase option up on the website yet, though it’s in the works right now. But in the meantime, if you need to give someone the gift of I.T. service, whether it’s a $50 discount (or some other amount), or a complete repair, or even website (or a deposit on one.) You can purchase it as a gift and give it to someone else. Just go to the contact page and reach out to me (or message me on one of the social network pages) and I’ll set something up personally for you. And for all you hard working mother’s out there like me, let me wish you all a stress free, work free, pain free, Mother’s Day!! 🙂

People’s Routers Hacking WordPress Websites?

Wow, I missed this one. I’m so sorry…I try to get this kind of information out there, and I usually run across this kind of stuff, but I missed this one. It was first discovered after Algeria’s position in our “Top Attacking Countries” list moved from 60 to position 24 practically overnight. When people started looking at why, the vulnerability was discovered in certain home routers from certain ISPs. The ISPs affected in the U.S. from what I can tell, is Comcast Cable, and Time Warner Cable. (not Verizon or Frontier) But, seeing how I am reporting late, the botnet has been shut down in the last 48 hours (they think) …but if you want the information on that botnet, and how they accessed HOME ROUTERS, read the article HERE (and the ones from the links inside the article, they have important information also!) Oh, I forget, you can check your own router …