We build custom machines

We would love to custom order and build your unique design of desktop PC, Server, Gaming Computer, whatever floats your boat! Here’s one we recently built Specs: i7-6400K 16Gb of DDR4-3000 RAM Nvidia GEforce 750ti Corsair Water Cooled extra SATA controller for extra sata ports 4 internal hard drives, 3Tb + 2Tb + 1.5Tb + 1Tb Docking Station on top, but eSata port 6 USB 3.0 ports, and 6 USB 2.0 ports 2 Each Blueray/DVD read/burners multi-card reader 2 each 200mm lighted fans, and multiple 80 & 120mm fans on all sides, top, and bottom of case Thermaltake Overseer RX-1 Case Has Windows 10 Enterprise, and is full UEFI compliant with all GPT disks.


Cloudfare is a firewall service for websites. If you use Cloudflare, your site visitors may have had their data leaked…  I’m not going to reinvent the wheel to give you all the details, just point you to the Wordfence article, which is very complete (including how to repair the data leak) I’ll include that part, since it’s simple: If you use Cloudflare, and you have a WordPress website, Change your wp-config.php salts. This will log everyone out and invalidate cookies and sessions. This protects you and your site members in case any of their cookies have been stolen. Once you make this change, an attacker will no longer be able to use stolen session cookies from your site to sign in.  If you want more information, including what to do if your site is based on something other than WordPress, follow this link: https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2017/02/cloudflare-data-leak/?utm_source=list&utm_campaign=022317&utm_medium=email

So MAAANNNY phone scams!!

Do you ever just get sick and tired of them? I do…they come daily now. I want to change my phone number, but I really don’t even think that will help. Today the guy calls with an Indian accent so strong I can comprehend him, but he SWEARS he’s calling from New Jersey. “Ma’am, your computer is downloading lots of executable files, are you aware of this?” …geeeez, do people really fall for this? I mean even the IRS phone scams are at least original, and a little harder to detect, but these computer tech phone calls are just so bad they are laughable. These guys are so STUPID to think that American people will really fall for their scam. I mean REALLY stupid. And here I thought they had a lot of intelligent people in India…but I guess they have more dummys than most. I mean come on already. …

Mac Inside Windows (Virtualbox)

Well, my last client motivated me. I have this new build that I want to dual-boot (actually I want to quad boot it) anyways, but since he got me started playing with Virtualbox, I decided to build a Mac Virtual Machine. Here’s a picture of it running…(click Read More button at bottom left) …you can run it full screen, but I wanted you to see that Mac & Windows are running at the same time, so I made the window smaller for purpose of the post. It’s kind of cool this way, because you can share files and access programs in both operating systems (if you have enough processing power and memory) …if you dual/triple/quad boot, you can only run one operating system at a time. This way you have shared folders…


So today, got to troubleshoot something different. Usually it’s either a Windows machine, or a Macintosh (OSX) or a smaller Mac (iOS) , or an Android. But rarely do I get to work on a Win-Mac. So today, a guy calls wanting to get his USB to work on His Windows install, inside of Virtualbox, inside of his Macbook. If you don’t know, Virtualbox is a Java program that lets you run any operating system inside of a virtual machine, inside of any other operating system. So today’s, his was Windows inside of OSX (Macintosh) …so it was quite fun. I love a challenge. My next task is to run Mac (OSX) on a Windows machine. (also referred to as a ‘hackintosh’) …which is a slightly more difficult task. 🙂 Give me a call with your challenging task that’s giving you a headache,  …and I’ll make it work for you!

Avoiding Tricky Hidden Viruses

Are you a person who sometimes gets viruses or malware on your computer, and you swear you didn’t install it, but you did, and you can’t figure out how or when it got slipped in there? Well I’m going to show you a common one that people miss. The problem now is, that hackers KNOW that most people select the DEFAULT, QUICK installation when they install things. So they hide them there. The solution? DON’T! Don’t select the default option when installing programs, EVER. Always choose the “ADVANCED” or “CUSTOM” installation when installing things. Always! I guarantee that 90-95% of the time, there is a toolbar, or some additional program installation needing your approval, set up in the default installation, and if you choose default, you “WILL” authorize it’s installation. I’m going to show you a picture, and as I run across other examples, I will come back and add …