FINALLY. You don’t have to search out and uninstall Windows 10 related updates any more!

If you have them, and never blocked or hid them, Microsoft, via Windows Update, will now “graciously” remove all the Windows 10 updates that they so “SCANDALOUSLY” put on your computer to begin with. A new update just released today says it uninstalls all Windows 10 related updates. (Although their list is a little bit shorter than mine is…) The information, and the update is here: (but if you install this week’s updates you will get it also)

New WordPress Version release!

Yes, that was quick, huh? But today WordPress version 4.6.1 is out already…so go and update your website to keep it secure, and if it updates automatically, go test it and make sure nothing is broken. 🙂

Android Phone Apps & phone crashing like crazy??

Is your Android phone (probably new) all of a sudden crashing and acting like crazy? Mine worked find for a few days, and it started acting bazaar. When I looked in the apps, I saw a strange looking app that I didn’t install, called “Android System Web View” …I googled it, cause I didn’t want to delete anything important. Turns out, it’s a GOOGLE app, and the latest update is crashing phones like crazy. Just uninstall the latest update (turn it off if you don’t need it) and things should go back to normal.

How to Get Customer Service on the Phone for PayPal MyCash

So…do you ever use PayPal MyCash? It’s for when you want to add cash to your PayPal account…they sell these cards, you USE YOUR CASH, likely $500 which is the maximum, and then you run to your desktop (because mobile browsers don’t work any more) …and it says it can’t complete the transaction. So now you are worried…Are you going to be out $500 cash??? (Because the card is NOT refundable!) …so in a panic, you call the number on the website, and you get, guess what, …a stupid recording that will yes, verify you have a balance on the card, but won’t help you load it to your account, and gives no way to talk to a real person. Wow!! Well today, I FOUND THE SECRET! And of all the “get a real person” trick codes, I think this is the most sophisticaed one I’ve seen so far… 1. …